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A big part of an identity and marketability is defined, analyzed and measured through Social Media presences.

  • Consulting

  • Concept

  • Strategy

  • Design

  • Content Creation

  • Management



For Athletes: Social Media can be used as your voice to the public, your digital stage, your public mood board, your business card, your portfolio, your newsroom, your in-house journalist, the mirror of your image and the simplest tool to engage with your fans and showcase the WHO of your brand or personality and also lead to profitable additional income. 

For Brands and Businesses: We acquire new advertising partners and conceptualize campaigns, Finding an Ambassador, Influencer or Athlete who aligns with your brands philosophy, represents it adequately and captivates/elevates your target audience is a time consuming mission.​ 



Your Image is your concept of yourself. What is your image saying about you? We help you  raise your public profile, build a personal brand and manage your voice in the public. Where to (be) published, what to publish yourself and how to say it, who to talk to and how to smoothly sail through a 'shitstorm'.

We work proactively on how you or your brand and business want to be perceived in the public eye. 

  • Consultations

  • Concepts

  • News releases

  • Press Management

  • Statements

  • Crisis management

The best campaigns understand culture and lean on creativity.

  • Advertising Campaigns

  • Social Media & Webdesign

  • Copy writing

  • Brand Identity

  • Content Creation

  • Art Direction

We create emotional brand experiences in the sports and Lifestyle- and tourism sector.



My work includes, connecting athletes with the right media outlets and industry partners, to position and represent them, implement content ideas, negotiate sponsorships and arrange for minimum or maximum exposure within their business and our diverse world of media.

For Brands and Businesses, it's about addressing the right target group and addressing the target group right. The key is to understand and awaken their emotions while transmitting an authentic brand message. .​





We thoughtfully curate and develop Concepts, for rental and residencial living purposes. Together with our trusted partners in Mexico and Bali we source Location and Land, provide Architectural and Interior Design services, arrange for and administrate the building process.



Our youngest theme!


WMN Living Concepts is a compilation of our existing, rather digitally used skillset, applied in a different, more physical but still digitally driven area:

With WMN Living we design and realize modern home and rental concepts in tropical hemispheres. 


Know before you go.


Create your own original.


The right Idea for your purpose.


Communicate effectively to convert. 

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