A big part of an athletes identity and marketability is defined, analyzed and

measured through their presence on social media. 


No Social Media activities are often based on: 


No interest in such (hard to imagine, as we’re all on it!) or the intimidating

effect it can have for Public figures, such as athletes Companies, Brands

and Organizations. As a professional athlete with a public profile you often

naturally have a high reach on Social Networks through your sport. Not knowing

how to represent yourself can lead to a false image in the public eye or expose

too much of your privacy. Often one is not even aware of how differently posted

image- or text content can be perceived by the outside world.

But with the right strategy and content management, social media can lead to

profitable additional income, direct and guide your image, substitute an online

presence such as a website or even be used as a gateway to the public and a

tool to engage and interact with your fans. 


It all depends on the fields of play and personal preferences as well as strengths. ​​

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