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I am Janine Reith, founder of WMN Sports Public Relations. My Media-Career started off as a side job after school, acting in TV productions like commercials and Films as a teenager. 


Studying Sports Journalism in Germany’s football capital Munich (FC Bayern) led to Work experiences at TV Channels like SKY Sports News HD and Sport 1 as well as jobs at the country’s biggest tabloid BILD and the Bavarian Soccer Organization as a Sports- and field reporter. 


Working as a field reporter, I was able to gain profound experience in interviewing players, coaches, sports-personalities and functionaries in front of the camera. What to ask to gain the acquired information, how to ask to hear the full story and where to talk, for the viewer to perceive and experience an authentic interview situation. 

My Masters in Media and Communication was the logical next step for me to widen my range of skills with missing bits and pieces of what Journalists call the other side’: Public Relations.Working for PR Agencies, Companies,  Athletes, Clubs and Organizations globally has then ultimately led to a diploma in Athlete Management and Sports Marketing. 


I founded WMN Sports Public Relations as a result of a decade-long journey through TV, Journalism, PR, Marketing, Media and professional sports. ​Having lived in many different countries (Australia, USA, Spain, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Portugal ...) and worked alongside many different cultures, today WMN PR has a brought network of experts with which we continuously work together in the fields of Graphic- and Webdesign, Journalism, Advertising, Marketing, Finance and Law. 

Among our clients are players/athletes of the NHL, DEL, WSL, Uefa Champions League as well as Olympic Team Athletes and individuals. 


Thank you for your interest in working with us, I appreciate it!

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